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Airbnb – My First Experience


Welcome to my first post on my blog. To co-incide with my first blog post, I thought I would write about another one of my ‘firsts’: Airbnb.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb lets you to rent a room in somebody’s (the ‘host’s’) flat/house or book their entire property.

I KNOW, I KNOW… it sounds kind of dodgy.  Are the hosts murderers or sexpests?  Is it in a safe area? Is it actually anything like the pictures?

The site concept is similar to an ebay mixed with Tripadvisor. Guests are encouraged to rate their stay and can rank the Airbnb host/their accommodation on things like price, cleanliness, location etc. As a result, you end up with high or low rated hosts, shown via a star rating system. Those classified as ‘the best’ are given the title ‘Superhosts’ . To earn this accolade, hosts must meet a number of benchmarks, including at least 80% of reviews gaining 5 stars. Airbnb users can filter their accommodation search based on various criteria, such as amenities, neighbourhood ,size and the aforementioned Superhost badge.

How do I book on Airbnb?

my first air bnb experience living room wall art

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