Sailing Sydney Harbour – America’s Cup Sailing Experience

SAILING SYDNEY HARBOUR Experience Americas Cup Yacht

Location: Darling / Sydney Harbour Cost: $129 AUSD (£65 /$93) Length: 2.5 Hrs More Details: Click Here

Sailing Sydney Harbour in Australia in a 75ft former Americas Cup Racing yacht was a standout highlight of my trip to Sydney – even more so than climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

The route of the sail is dependent on weather but will nearly always take you around the Sydney Harbour area, up to Manly and back to Wharf 9 in Darlington Harbour. This included sailing under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, past the Opera House, and alongside the massive cruise ships that enter the harbour.

Don’t worry if you have no prior sailing experience. The crew will get you involved in ‘grinding’, and will guide you in helming the boat. They also got involved in taking pictures and videos (see below with the Skipper using my GoPro for a video and a ‘selfie’!)

Sun cream and cold drinks are provided throughout the trip, so you are always protected and hydrated in the strong Aussie sun. There is also a nice breeze when sailing, so despite the warm weather, it was a comfortable sail. The pro’s are quick to force you down some water and top up on suncream as it is easy to forget about the blaring sun with the nice cool breeze of the sail.

When I first booked the trip I thought it was fairly pricey, but on reflection, it was worth every penny. I would highly recommend this to anyone going on a trip to Sydney, it was phenomenal.


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Airbnb – My First Experience


Welcome to my first post on my blog. To co-incide with my first blog post, I thought I would write about another one of my ‘firsts’: Airbnb.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb lets you to rent a room in somebody’s (the ‘host’s’) flat/house or book their entire property.

I KNOW, I KNOW… it sounds kind of dodgy.  Are the hosts murderers or sexpests?  Is it in a safe area? Is it actually anything like the pictures?

The site concept is similar to an ebay mixed with Tripadvisor. Guests are encouraged to rate their stay and can rank the Airbnb host/their accommodation on things like price, cleanliness, location etc. As a result, you end up with high or low rated hosts, shown via a star rating system. Those classified as ‘the best’ are given the title ‘Superhosts’ . To earn this accolade, hosts must meet a number of benchmarks, including at least 80% of reviews gaining 5 stars. Airbnb users can filter their accommodation search based on various criteria, such as amenities, neighbourhood ,size and the aforementioned Superhost badge.

How do I book on Airbnb?

my first air bnb experience living room wall art

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